Sunday, May 12, 2013

Are nonmuslims Islamaphobic for criticizing Islam


  1. Great panel here. Also shows how we can't even live our atheism in peace outside the religion. I don't know about Faisal, but I'm actually an ex-muslim, but when I see a Muslim around, I claim that I was raised in an atheist family. Because they believe when you are born in a Muslim family, you are automatically a Muslim and you deserve death if you don't feel like it.

    I hope in Faisal's case, not being an ex-muslim is in fact true, because having to claim that despite the reality would also show that even this issue is a big problem in criticizing Islam.

    This still doesn't change the fact that even if you claim you were born from Muslim parents but not raised a Muslim, they will assume borning from Muslim parents makes you a Muslim and booom! You're dead.

  2. In my blog I speak up against Islam, Christianity, Judaism and all other religions. They are all of the same ilk. Divisive, misogynistic, archaic and unjust. Different notes of the same poisonous chord.Some religions are, I admit, much worse than others when it comes to human rights, or lack of. The barbaric practice of FGM is solely associated with Islam. Keep on fighting religious and cultural injustices, my free-thinking friends, for non-theism is the only way to enlightenment and justice.